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In the beginning
Early history of Methodists in Worcester.

Ombersley Road Methodist Church history
How Ombersley Road Methodist Church developed.

Bromyard Road Methodist Church history
How Bromyard Road Methodist Church developed.

In the beginning

The Society of Methodists meeting at the church in Pump Street in Worcester had always been concerned for those of their congregation who lived in the suburbs and, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries various attempts were made to set up a class meeting in St. John’s.

In 1834 the first group of regular worshippers in St. John’s became established in a cottage at the east end of Bransford Road and, in 1842, the first purpose built chapel was erected in Boughton Street. Initially the chapel was served from Pump Street, but the congregation increased as new houses were built in St. John’s in the 1860s and 70s.

In 1882 it was agreed that two new chapels should be built in Worcester, one in the St. John's area and one in the north of the city where similar building development was taking place. Both chapels were built to a similar design and were opened in 1884 and 1885 respectively.

How Ombersley Road Methodist Church developed