Welcome to Ombersley Road Methodist Church

Jon Musselwhite

Ombersley Road Methodist Church
Ombersley Road


What's Happening Soon

Youth Group 7.15pm Monday evenings.

Toddlers' 9.30am Thursday mornings.

Family Parade & Harvest - Sunday 16th November 10.30am

13th Worcester Brownies Christmas Fair - Tuesday 25th November


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Ombersley Road Methodist Church,
Ombersley Road, Worcester

Sunday Morning Service

Holy Communion every second Sunday of the month

Family Parade Service every third Sunday of the month


Minister's Monthly Letter - November

The right sort of fruit!

Dear Friends,

This harvest we have been thinking about the ‘Parable of the Sower’ and during the services I have suggested that the different types of soil referred to in the parable, relate to the different heart conditions of those who are presented with the Good News of the Gospel. Therefore, the hard ground represents a ‘hard heart’, the ground with underlying rock, a ‘shallow heart’, the thorny ground, a ‘strangled heart’ and the fertile ground, an ‘open heart’. It is only the ‘open heart’ that bears fruit or a ‘harvest beyond our wildest dreams’ (Matthew 13 verse 23)...

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