Welcome to Ombersley Road Methodist Church

Jon Musselwhite

Ombersley Road Methodist Church
Ombersley Road


What's Happening Soon

Youth Group 7.15pm Monday evenings.

Toddlers' 9.30am Thursday mornings.

Family Parade - Sunday 18th January 10.30am

Covenant Service
Sunday 11th January 10.30am

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Ombersley Road Methodist Church,
Ombersley Road, Worcester

Sunday Morning Service

Holy Communion - every second Sunday of the month

Family Parade Service - every third Sunday of the month


Minister's Monthly Letter - January

Christmas, a time of mixed blessings!

Dear friends,

Well, at the time of writing this letter I am reminded that Christmas is just around the corner! I am sure that many of you have already started making plans for the Christmas Season I know we have. This year for the first time ever we will be having Christmas with Rachel and Doug (our daughter and son in law) at their house and it only gets better, they are looking after their old folks in as much as they are going to do all the work, well, most of it!

For me, Christmas has got to be my favourite time of year, not only because food is in abundance, only joking, but also because I get to spend time with my family and the ‘Spirit’ of Christmas abounds. What do I mean by this? Christmas has always been a ‘magical’ time of the year for me, it could be because it’s the season of goodwill to all and on the whole, most folk do seem to be joyful, it’s a time of giving and people do give not only gifts but so much of themselves sometimes at great cost, it’s a time when I remember the birth of Jesus and I just love singing Christmas Carols, but mostly because I remember those wonderful days that we spent together as a whole family and the fun times we had at Christmas...

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